Posted On: 04/12/18 10:18
Swimming Pool Chemical Dealers in Bangalore - Aquanautics System
Aquanautics system Pvt.Ltd is the one of the leading Swimming Pool chemical distributor in Bangalore. We supply the following swimming pool chemicals in Bangalore.

Alum Powder
Aluminum sulfate, also called alum, can be used to clean and to make clear water. It attracts dirt particles and coagulates them so you can clean them out of the pool with ease.

Liquid Chlorine
Liquid pool chlorine is ideal for regular swimming pool maintenance, pool winterization and pool openings. It Should be added to your pool while the filter is running. Liquid chlorine can be added directly to your pool or fed through a mechanical chlorinator. Provides fast swimming pool sanitization. Highly effective at killing bacteria and other swimming pool contaminants.

Cleaning Acid
If your swimming pool looks something like the "Black Lagoon," an acid wash may be the only way to return its former gleam.

Soda Ash
Soda ashes main purpose is to increase pH levels. Because swimming pools must be maintained at the proper pH level, soda ash is used for this purpose.

Copper Sulphate
By properly assessing the swimming pool's alkalinity, you can add the appropriate amount of copper sulfate to a swimming pool to control algae growth.

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